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Live Art Auction Tomorrow!

February 23, 2017

prs-105-03-email-4We are excited to announce that after several fun-filled and successful events of Baterbys Art Gallery partnering with ProSource, the Pinellas County location will be hosting a live art auction event on Friday, February 24th! Everyone is welcome to enjoy snacks and drinks while perusing the selection of beautiful artworks available for bid and purchase.

Baterbys’ partnership with ProSource began earlier in 2016 and has been successful on both ends. The customer feedback has been fantastic, so we are all excited to bring this experience to the residents and ProSource customers of Pinellas County. If you love art, need to decorate a new space or are just curious about some of the benefits a ProSource membership can offer you, this event is a fantastic way to get familiar with the great deals that both companies offer their clients.

Baterbys takes pride not only in the quality of art which is offered though the auctions at ProSource but also in their lifetime exchange policy on all fine art. On top of this, Baterbys Art Gallery guarantees authenticity of all fine art for life! With deals up to 70% off art gallery pricing and the chance to win a cruise for two, we know this will be the most fun you have ever had at an art auction!

Be sure to send your RSVP today by visiting

Event Venue: ProSource of Pinellas County 12397 Belcher Road, Largo, FL 33773

Event Cost: FREE

Event Time: 6pm Registration and bid mark, 7pm Auction begins


KNOCK KNOCK! 5 Entryway Designs You Should Open Up To

February 16, 2017

Your homes entryway is not only the first impression to your arriving guests, but also what says goodbye and welcomes you home each day.  Do you keep it minimalistic?  Will it be GRAND!?  Should you use it as a dual or multi-purpose space?  That answer is up to you based on your lifestyle needs, but we have some inspiring completed projects to get your design juices flowing.

#1  Say hello to my little workspace…

This entryway design incorporates a small workstation tucked inside a cubby big enough to get the job done yet not overpowering to the space.  The herringbone floor pattern is visually appealing and sparks interest as soon as you walk in.herringbone-home-entry1

#2 Warm and natural vibes…

A subtle way to bring the outdoors-in and create a natural feel to the space, is to include foliage like you see here.  The stone floor selection compliments the brown hues picked up from the door and ceiling generating a warm welcome.inspired-entry1

#3 Bright and contemporary

Sometimes bright and airy can give you the warm and fuzzies!  Like in this example, natural light flows through the glass door panels and reflects off the mirrored accent pieces.  The grey contemporary area rug creates a soft surface over the wood flooring.


#4 Mosaic elegance

The beautiful dark wood double doors are a statement in themselves…but then voila! A gorgeous hand-laid mosaic pattern greets you with an impressive “hello” as you step inside.  The frosted window patterned paneling (say that three times fast) allows some natural light to seep through, but keeps with the elegant flow of the

#5 Trim-work makes the room work…

The exiting view of this foyer is beautifully accented by the dark wood stained trim which flows flawlessly to the craftsman style door.  The custom area rug adds a subtle pop of color over-top the wood look tile flooring.  A simple entry table and accent pieces tie in the look.fall-festival-of-homes-winner-entry1

For more inspiring projects and products, visit us online at or visit us in the showroom and check things out in person.  ProSource of Pinellas County is located at 12397 Belcher Road, Unit 260 in Largo.





2017 Design Trend: Wall Coverings

December 20, 2016

Wall Coverings, your secret go-to design statement piece.

Pushing the boundaries of geometric design, unique high end materials, sophisticated industrial technology, we introduce a product line that is sure to be a conversation starter. A sophisticated array of styles, grain patterns, finishes, textures and material inlays.  True to nature, these wall coverings show variations in color, stain, wood grain and character.

We have put together a collection of inspirational room scenes, and of course, available to you through ProSource of Pinellas County.


wave_room scene_prod foc.png



vertex_room scene_prod foc.png

kubik_room scene_prod foc.png






For more information, call (727) 545-9935 or fill out the contact form below.

3 Tips: Prep Your Floors For The Holidays

November 16, 2016

So your new floors were just installed just in time for all of the holiday festivities with family and friends. Now it’s time to protect the surface against heavier foot traffic, scuffs and spills.

Let’s start at the front door. Letting your guests carry the outdoors indoors can wreak nov-blog_front-door-shoe-storagehavoc on your floor.  For us Floridians, we don’t have to worry about visitors tracking in the dampness of snow.  However dirt, mud and other debris can tag along and let’s not forget about the reality of hard to scrub scuff marks on your hardwood or tile.  Create a station as they enter by providing a shoe rack or mat where shoes can be swapped out with slippers.

howe-formal-dining-room1Next, anticipate the path where your guests will travel from room to room by guarding against additional foot traffic with runners or area rugs. It’s also a good idea to safeguard against spills and food fight remnants by placing a rug under the dining table.

Lastly, if you plan on shuffling furniture to accommodate your company, place furniture pads down first to prevent denting or scratching. You may be enjoying the moment of the holidays but this quick and easy step can save you years of anguish over permanent damage.

Tis’ the season to protect your new investment by simply taking precautionary measures. You can chat with your Account Manager about custom rugs and runners for your home.  Now you can enjoy entertaining your guests as your floors stay merry and bright.

5 Completed Room Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

September 13, 2016



standard to stylish

Installed new custom cabinetry around the fireplace, along with a new circular custom rug, stone flooring, recest lighting, paint, furniture and accessories.

Get the look:




modern mixxer.jpg

This homeowner has an affinity for modern art and incorporates it into the look and feel of his home through clear vision and small details.

Get the look:



By redesigning the layout, this homeowner was able to expand the bathroom. The new rain shower, beautiful tile and increased size gave them the luxurious feel they were looking for.

Get the look:




A beautiful backsplash adds a unique touch of color to this elegant beachfront kitchen.

Get the look:




A young couple expecting their first child was in desperate need of updating their 70’s style area. Their designer was able to give them a brand new built-in workstation that can dual function as a buffet/server area.

Get the look:

7 Inspiring Projects: The Bar Scene

June 8, 2016

Designing a unique area for entertaining & relaxation is an exciting project to look forward to. A space without crowds, conveniently established within the comfort of your own home.  Naturally, you would want it to reflect your personality and taste; whether you prefer a refined atmosphere, vintage, or rustic, there is a design for everyone! So grab a glass of wine and get inspired, because we are sharing our top 7 bar projects designed by ProSource Members.

1. Moraccan Spice

The colorful tiles add a unique backdrop to the dark chocolate cabinets.

2. Off-the-Kitchen Wine Station

This homeowner used the last few feet of cabinet and counter space from the kitchen & added an exciting niche for their favorite vino.


3. Cocktail Corner

The winding counter top give this homeowner plenty of space to craft custom cocktails.


4. Downstairs For Drinks

The “game is on” in this downstairs hangout.  Ledger stone bar wrap, mosaic tile backsplash and wood-look tile blend together well leaving a look of warm welcomes.


5. Corks & Crafts

Mosaic tiles are the perfect backdrop for this nifty space.  Granite counter top and semi-custom cabinets are the right touch, bringing this attractive project together.


6. Walls of Wine

Ledger stone walls and wood-look tile ceiling add a rustic elegance to this wonderful wine room.


7. The Tasting Tavern

Custom cabinetry, stone counter tops and wood look tile complient each other nicely in this happy homeowners entertainment mecca.


Find your inspiration at ProSource!

His & Her Bathroom Design: Secrets Revealed

March 2, 2016

In every great relationship there are little points of conflict which you mostly just agree to disagree on. Designing you’re master bathroom is no different. Should there be a separate shower and tub?  Is it OK to splurge on the floor and sacrifice the rainfall shower head? At least you can agree on the dual vanity.

Separate the Space

There are several ways to give you both your space within the same room. Try installing two shower heads in an oversized shower so you don’t get in each other’s way in the course of your morning rituals. Include recessed storage in the tile design below each shower head for individual storage.

Consider a dual sided vanity in the center of the room with his sink and mirror on one side and hers on the other. For a classic wall-lining vanity, place a seating area or storage in between the two sinks.

Increase the Storage

Sharing the storage space can be problematic and overcrowded. Neither one of you like digging through the mystery drawer of speed stick and tweezers to find one Q-tip. More storage allows you both to have what you need without revealing each other’s beautification secrets.

image7Install ample closed storage like closets, drawers and cabinets to keep clutter to a minimum and organization to the max. Generous counter space offers room for jointly used items that are thoughtfully organized and easily accessed by both of you.

Heat Things Up

While fireplaces have traditionally been found in living rooms, dens and occasionally bedrooms, the idea of soaking in the bathtub while a cozy fire glows nearby is gaining popularity. Adding a fireplace focal point in your master bath is perfect for relaxing and doubles as a great resale feature.  Designing can be fun too when selecting from beautiful tile mosaics, marble or a stacked stone finishes. masterbath fireplace

Whether you have lots of space to work with or a smaller scale, the little details make the difference in providing a bathroom that you’ll both appreciate no matter what you’ve agreed to disagree on.

10 Ways to Master Your Mudroom

February 15, 2016

MUDD ROOM BUILT IN STORAGE.jpgThe mudroom is the transition between coming and going. It can also be a chaotic catch-all without proper storage and the place that outside dirt congregates. The design process is worthy of careful thought so it can handle the demands of your family. This practical space gives you the ability to also hide clutter when guests drop by so your messier side of living isn’t left at the front door.b35e7184838f9177e7267735355dd7d9

Design a family-functional space. If you want your family to use the mudroom to its full extent, make it easy to use.

  • By creating an open space, rather than a closet, you make it less apt for folks to toss things in and close the door verses putting items where they go.
  • Use hooks rather than traditional rods and hangers. A hook is easier to use, especially for kids.
  • Install floor to ceiling cabinetry to enclose items that are put away for more permanent stowing.

Use easy-to-clean materials. By its very definition, this room is going to get dirty. It helps to use materials that clean up easily and have stellar resilience.

  • Cover the floors with a tasteful yet ultra-durable tile that can stand up to heavy use. You could even consider installing a drain in the center of the floor for easy mopping/drainage.
  • Consider using tile on the walls also. The variety of wall tile is expansive and offers something that’s practical but also visually appealing.mudroom-design-ideas

Include a bench. From taking off shoes to dropping a bag of groceries, a bench is a must-have for the mudroom.

  • Combine the bench area with cubbies for personalized storage space.
  • Use some of the space under the bench for out-of-the-way storage with baskets or pull-out drawers.

mudd room_officeCombine the mudroom with other types of rooms. The mudroom can take on many purposes. Why not let the space do more than one thing?

  •  Consider the efficiency of a laundry/mudroom built right off the garage or rear entryway.
  • Can’t make up your mind between a small workspace and mudroom…why not combine the two? Adding a work station for homework, paying bills or shopping online can offer just what you need without taking up more space in larger living areas.
  • Include a space for “mans best friend”! This is the perfect place to include a built in wash station for the family pet or an out of the way space for the food and water bowl. mudd room_pets

Not only will a well thought-out mudroom keep everything in its place, it will also give you peace of mind. You’ll be able to find things when you need them; keep the kids & pet stuff in one place instead of spread out all over the house and have a space where “messy” meets easy clean-up.

Installation- What to know

June 10, 2014

Now more than ever homeowners are seeing beautiful remodels on television shows, Pinterest , Houzz and other media outlets that are propelling them to make a remodel of their own.  Shopping for wholesale flooring and cabinet materials is one part of the process while installation is another.
For instance, a lot of homeowners are drawn to rectified tiles and want the tile floors with “zero grout lines”. Most installers need a little bit of a grout line to set the tile and most homeowners, once they have spoken to a qualified installer, understand. However, it is important to note that a very thin grout line is a laborious process and will increase the installation cost for the homeowner. The installer must be sure he is working on a very level surface and must make sure he is choosing tiles at the same height. They also need to be very careful on how much grout and/or adhesive is used to achieve the look of virtually no grout lines.
Another example would be laying a hardwood floor on a diagonal. This can actually require more hardwood material than a traditional vertical installation. Homeowners should be open with their installer during their initial measurement on how exactly they want their floors laid so as to avoid extra costs and miscommunications.
Other items that could add to homeowners installation costs when working with a qualified flooring installer are:
• Removal of materials—who will take the old carpet, tile or hardwood?
• Furniture relocation & removal—moving an entire room is usually an extra cost and moving extremely heavy and difficult furniture (like pianos & breakfronts) need to be spelled out prior to installation.
• Closets—some closets are located beyond the room getting the work and through a bathroom. Be sure to notify the installer all the rooms that need product and installation.
• Transitions from room to room—the right transition pieces should be purchased prior to installation.
• Any additional materials that may be needed: tack strips & carpet pad (sold in rolls) or setting and finishing materials or moisture guards. A good installer will give you an itemized list of what materials will be needed to complete the project.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and hoped you enjoyed it. If you’d like more information on laminates, hardwoods, bamboo, carpet, tile, natural stone, vinyl, cork or any other types of flooring, please contact ProSource of Pinellas County at 727-545-9935 or visit our website at

There’s an App for That- Home Improvement!

April 22, 2014

Yes there are many apps that can help trade professionals to make the project easier.  Here are a few:

  • Home Interior Layout Designer- Mark On Call– This mobile application is a room planning tool that will give you ideas and guide you. Great for designers as it allows you to take pictures of your flooring choices (as well as fabric and furniture) and insert them into your floor plans.
  • MagicPlan- Need a floor plan?  Take your iPhone or your iPad and snap a picture of your room and it will measure and draw you a floor plan.  It will even mark door and window openings.
  • Handyman Calculator- This Android app will calculate materials and time spent on your project.  It is a construction calculator that allows customization to help you figure out how much of a product you will need to complete your project.
  • ColorSnap– This app is from the folks at Sherwin-Williams and is good on iOS, Android or Blackberry smartphones.  Use this app to match colors, create a new color or find inspiration when working with a client!

More and more Trade Professionals are working out of the office and in the field.  Apps like these help you work with your client wherever you need to be!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and hoped you enjoyed it. If you’d like more information on laminates, hardwoods, bamboo, carpet, tile, natural stone, vinyl, cork or any other types of flooring, please contact ProSource of Pinellas County at 727-545-9935 or visit our website at