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Freestanding Bathtubs

November 13, 2017

Freestanding tubs create a chic vibe to any bathroom. The advancements since the day of the standard clawfoot have allowed for a variety of styles.  From sleek and modern to traditional and reminiscent, the new profile of bathtub is ultra-versatile to fit any taste.

With many selections to choose from, freestanding tubs have struck the interest of many bathroom project dreamers and doers.

Beautiful Bathroom1Clean Living Bathroom1Exotic Master Bathroom1Hulick1Touch of Class1


I Want That! – Bathroom Edition

June 7, 2017

The details are in the details!  Over and over again we see truly inspiring project photos provided by our Trade Pro Members with products purchased from ProSource.  Each one more jaw-dropping than the next.  Take a look at these one of a kind bathroom designs that will leave you saying, “I Want That!!!!”.

Elaborate Bathroom Remodel1Bathe in Tranquility1Bathing in the Clouds1Bathroom Overflowing in Beauty1Bathroom with a Touch of Black and White1Ultimate Master Bath1Universal Sophistication1Who Needs a Tub1Zen Downtown Oasis Condo Bathroom1

Bathroom Design With Safety In Mind

January 13, 2016

The bathroom can be one of the most hazardous rooms in the house. Anyone can slip and fall in the wet conditions of the bathroom. That’s why when it comes to safety & accessibility, designing for personal welfare isn’t just for seniors, it’s multi-generational. Attractive designs that blend well with standard bathroom amenities are available and look better than you may think. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimal look or favor traditional, you can provide safety without forgoing style.

  • Create point-of-use features like storage right where it is needed—drawers where makeup is applied. Pull-outs in lower cabinets allow for easier access when storing towels and other personal items.
  • Grab bars are helpful when needing to get up and down as well as bracing a fall.  Stylish pieces that match your other hardware are available, creating a uniform look across your space.
  • Walk-in showers keep entering and exiting less hazardous by omitting the threshold.20150908_102251-L
  • Tiled bench seating in the shower makes it much easier for seated bathing & adds a spa-like feature to your project.
  • Installing a removable showerhead can be used by anyone of any height, seated or standing.  In combination with the bench seating in place, this transforms your bathroom into an easy-to-use space.
  • Wide-rimmed bathtubs that users can sit on to get into and out of the bathtub are becoming more popular and aesthetically pleasing.

Picture7When in the design phase of your bathroom, consider how each part of your layout is important.

Ask yourself; is there enough room to comfortably navigate the space without bumping into anything? Is the shower entrance wide enough for all users? Designing your bathroom for safety doesn’t mean you are limited to stark, cold & uninviting. You can create a look that is both sophisticated plus increase safety for every phase of life.



PROJECT: Inspire

May 29, 2015

Picture2Some homeowners and business owners know exactly where they want their next project to take them, but why not lead them with a little inspiration.  That is why we have developed the online Projects Submission Form.  Here you can upload before and after photos, descriptions and even product information.  Here are some tips on how to best capture a great Project image.

1. Emphasize The Room… Avoid showing people or product close-ups.  When you acquire the concept of the entire space, it allows the viewer to piece each element together.  This creates a visually appealing image that best represents your work.

2. De-clutter… Remove irrelevant items from countertops or surrounding areas.  An everyday lived in home or office will most likely accumulate items that would be less desirable to feature in your newly redesigned space.

3. It’s Showtime… Make the room look its best through staging.  This process is most effective after step 2.  Allowing you to create focal points, drawing the eye into certain areas and making the room look more spacious and stimulating.Picture3

4. Focus, Please… Aim for a high quality photo that is free of blurs or poor angles.  You can achieve this with most smartphones these days.  However, if you have access to a quality high resolution camera, this will most likely be your best option.

5. Be Enlightened… Ensure the room lighting is bright and even, free of shadows or shaded spaces.  Accent lighting can sometimes help or hinder this step depending on the angle.  You may also want to take into consideration the natural light that seeps in throughout the day.

When you share your best Projects with ProSource, we will feature your work on our website to inspire those requesting Project ideas and professional help to get the job done right!  We may also occasionally use them for other marketing pieces, social media and blogging.

So upload your Project photos to share details and attract new clients!  Here’s how to get started:

– Upload images, details and products on your own at

– Need a little help?  Send your photos, details and product info to your Account Manager.

– Or, you can always send them direct to