10 Ways to Master Your Mudroom

MUDD ROOM BUILT IN STORAGE.jpgThe mudroom is the transition between coming and going. It can also be a chaotic catch-all without proper storage and the place that outside dirt congregates. The design process is worthy of careful thought so it can handle the demands of your family. This practical space gives you the ability to also hide clutter when guests drop by so your messier side of living isn’t left at the front door.b35e7184838f9177e7267735355dd7d9

Design a family-functional space. If you want your family to use the mudroom to its full extent, make it easy to use.

  • By creating an open space, rather than a closet, you make it less apt for folks to toss things in and close the door verses putting items where they go.
  • Use hooks rather than traditional rods and hangers. A hook is easier to use, especially for kids.
  • Install floor to ceiling cabinetry to enclose items that are put away for more permanent stowing.

Use easy-to-clean materials. By its very definition, this room is going to get dirty. It helps to use materials that clean up easily and have stellar resilience.

  • Cover the floors with a tasteful yet ultra-durable tile that can stand up to heavy use. You could even consider installing a drain in the center of the floor for easy mopping/drainage.
  • Consider using tile on the walls also. The variety of wall tile is expansive and offers something that’s practical but also visually appealing.mudroom-design-ideas

Include a bench. From taking off shoes to dropping a bag of groceries, a bench is a must-have for the mudroom.

  • Combine the bench area with cubbies for personalized storage space.
  • Use some of the space under the bench for out-of-the-way storage with baskets or pull-out drawers.

mudd room_officeCombine the mudroom with other types of rooms. The mudroom can take on many purposes. Why not let the space do more than one thing?

  •  Consider the efficiency of a laundry/mudroom built right off the garage or rear entryway.
  • Can’t make up your mind between a small workspace and mudroom…why not combine the two? Adding a work station for homework, paying bills or shopping online can offer just what you need without taking up more space in larger living areas.
  • Include a space for “mans best friend”! This is the perfect place to include a built in wash station for the family pet or an out of the way space for the food and water bowl. mudd room_pets

Not only will a well thought-out mudroom keep everything in its place, it will also give you peace of mind. You’ll be able to find things when you need them; keep the kids & pet stuff in one place instead of spread out all over the house and have a space where “messy” meets easy clean-up.


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