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Easy Ways To Warm Up Your Home For The Holidays

December 1, 2015

It’s hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner again!  Here are a few projects you can do now to get all the areas of your home holiday ready for family and friends.

1. Seasons Greetings

•  Add a welcome nook near your most used entrance to store winter coats, hats and boots.

•  Add ceramic tile, a rubberized mat, a mirror for checking hair, and extra hooks for hats and scarves.1-entry_497x300

•  Paint interior doors a dark color to hide years of fingerprints, stains and scratches. It’ll add warmth and character while hiding dirt!

2. Kitchen Warm Up

•  Refresh outdated cabinet hardware and give your kitchen a facelift with new cabinet and drawer pulls in seasonal silver or gold.

•  Add counter space for holiday baking! Add a kitchen island – on 2-kitchenwheels – for extra counter space, you’ll gain additional serving space when you need it, and can move it out of the way when you don’t.

•  Now is the time to make sure spices are on hand for holiday cooking. Add pull out storage to existing cabinetry to keep all your spices within reach.

•  Add place setting organizers so that dishes, silverware, and serving utensils will be ready to go when guests arrive.

•  Place recipe books within reach of eyes, but out of reach of messy hands and spills. Now is not the time to be hunting for grandma’s most loved recipes!

•  ‘Tis the season for wine and bubbly. Install a wine storage cabinet so that when guests arrive you’ll be the host with the toasts!

4. Family Room Cuddle Up

•  Decorate the fireplace mantel with festive candles and garland in favorite holiday colors.

•  Warm up cold floors with soft area rugs in warm, seasonal shades of red and gold

•  Create a cozy nook for reading/talking with throw blankets, pillows and a serving tray to hold warm drinks and sweet treats.

5. Guest Bed and Bath Welcome

Upgrade your guest bedroom and bath so that even your mother in law can’t find a thing to complain about!

•  Install a new towel rack or storage shelf and add towels in coordinating holiday colors

•  Place a serving tray on the nightstand, complete with a water pitcher and glass, nightlight and snacks.5-guest-bath

•  Upgrade your lighting. Now is the time to make sure all the light bulbs have been replaced, and replace any outdated fixtures with bright replacements.

•  Time to throw out that old bar soap and upgrade your soap dispenser! While you’re at it, choose matching accessories to give the entire bathroom a mini facelift.

•  A soft rug can do wonders to warm up a cold tile floor.

•  Upgrade worn, outdated faucets and hardware in the guest bath.

•  Add a little luxury with a new showerhead sure to please your guests!

Getting these projects done now will give your holiday décor a clean canvas and free you up later to sit back and enjoy the time with family and friends. So check the halls before you deck them-and start sprucing!