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Manly-Man Caves

September 16, 2015

Transform any boring bonus room into the manliest man cave ever by starting with just a few things.

The earth tone appearance of rough, hand-stacked stone can instantly deliver an evocative, clandestine atmosphere.  Create a featured focal poSTACKED STONE COLLAGEint by covering a wall.  You can also install this product around or behind a bar, fireplace or built-in entertainment center.

When it comes to what’s underfoot – you’ll want a floor that’s resilient enough to endure spills, scuffs & the shenanigans that are sure to ensue.  Consider the rustic look of seasoned wood designed for clean-ability in a wood-look format. Depending on your man cave amenities, tiered flooring can be designed into the layout for stadium or theater style seating.



Finally, let’s “top off” the beverage station.  Whether you’re serving coffee or cocktails – be sure to install a durable countertop that will last many-a-toasts for years to come.  Keep the natural feel by selecting a granite slab with a speckled or solid finish.  This addition will add a functional and practical compliment to even the manliest man cave.

Now that you have the basics to get started, you can focus on other manly projects that only the manliest man could imagine…. Like fixing the garbage disposal.