Cork Flooring: The Natural Selection

Its natural, renewable and recyclable material and has a raw and timeless appeal.  Because cork comes from nature itself, no piece is the same, offering a multitude of grain, texture and color choices.  Cork has been used since the 19th century, but it became popular when used by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Joesph Eichler.  Many of these buildings still feature the original cork flooring.

Cork flooring is a great alternative for allergy suffers since dust, mold and insects are not able to take hold, as they do in carpeting.  Its soft, cushioned surface makes it a great flooring choice for those with knee problems or anyone who wants a little extra support.  For parents with small children or the elderly, falling on cork flooring versus a hard surface may offer more support when breaking a fall.

Cork’s compressive strength and acoustic and thermal attributes make it a popular backing for many other materials in commercial buildings.  These qualities make it ideal where it can help block noise and maintain temperature.

Now that you have a few benefits of cork, stop into our showroom and your Account Manager can share with you the full details and added value of cork flooring.

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