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Versaille Pattern

November 14, 2013

Tile flooring can be laid in many different patterns. Versaille or French is a very classic European style that is perfect in almost any size space. ProSource of Pinellas County has many varieties of the Versaille Pattern.


Versaille or French Pattern is a style of tile installation that is popular with natural stone. It uses a set of 5 different sized square and rectangular tile in a pattern.


The Versaille Pattern is a classic European tile setting and is used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The tile can be purchased individually but is best sold in bundles which are ideal for installation and design.


This pattern moves your eyes across the floor creating and interesting and elegant look.


The Versaille Pattern is perfect for just about every space small or large! You can use a traditional tumbled tile, a chiseled edge or a straight edge depending on your style choice.


Here is an example of a more straight edge tile within the Versaille Pattern.


A rougher edged- chiseled or tumbled.


Colors can vary within a pattern from dark to light or shades of beige. The choice is all yours!

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