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Cork it!

November 11, 2011

If you are looking to give your back & feet a break, we have a suggestion. Cork it! Choose cork flooring and your feet and back will thank you and so will the rest of you! Cork is hypo allergenic and doesn’t attract dust which helps with allergies. It is non-absorbent and won’t trap dirt or yucky fungus.   Bugs don’t like cork-including termites. Cork is also fire retardant and reduces noise. 

Cork has a lot of benefits beyond the healthy ones.  It is a renewable resource. Cork is easily maintained and works great in any room including the bathroom or kitchen. Cork is durable and can handle heavy traffic easily.  Cork is a floating floor that can be easily installed without the use of glue or special tools. 

Cork is a superhero in the flooring world especially if you are suffering from a bad back or chronically aching feet.  Choose cork and feel like you are walking on air! Visit ProSource of Pinellas County today and check out the amazing benefits of cork for yourself.
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