Getting It Right The First Time

A bad flooring installation is almost always preventable and will most likely result in an unhappy customer.  A bad floor installation will ultimately create a lot more work and heartache for both the installer and the customer.  Your reputation is always on the line so it is vital that you get the job done correctly the very first time. Here are some tips to help you make the job go smoothly from start to finish:

  • Read the instructions.  No matter how often you install flooring or a particular brand of flooring, reading the directions cannot hurt and can help brush you up on installation techniques or even help hone new techniques. If you are unsure of how to work with a particular product do not guess and assume you know the best way to install.   Guidelines and warranties often change and the best place to find this information is in the installation instructions.
  • Know the subfloor condition. Your installation will be as good as the subfloor and that is more than just moisture. Dust, paint, oil and more can temper any installation of hardwood or tile not to mention the levelness of the subfloor.  Every installer knows you can’t just lay flooring on any old subfloor. Check for moisture. Take a moisture reading and make sure you mark it down and move forward accordingly.
  • Choose the right adhesive & tools.  Choosing the correct adhesive and the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer can save a lot of headache. When using a new material or something you are not as familiar with be sure to read the manufacturer’s suggestions and recommendations for adhesives and conditions. Choosing the right tools like trowels is also critical.  The manufacturer recommends a particular trowel because using the trowel will apply the proper amount on the subfloor. Trowels also wear and need to be replaced on a regular basis to always ensure good installation.
  • Prepare for clean up before you do the job. For example, urethane adhesive needs to be cleaned while wet so they aren’t so hard to remove.  Prepare to have a lot of clean cloths & urethane remover handy before you start your job. Your customer will appreciate the care you put into the entire job.

You are never too experienced to learn a new technique and you can never be too cautious in pleasing a customer when you are installing flooring in their home.  Take the time to do your homework and make every install done right the first time. ProSource of Pinellas County has a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you in your next project. ProSource’s large selection of flooring in ceramic and natural stone, carpet, hardwood and laminate and our selection of installation products will help make any flooring installation job go smoothly the first time.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and hoped you enjoyed it.  If you’d like more information on laminates, hardwoods, bamboo, carpet, tile, natural stone, or any other types of flooring, please contact ProSource of Pinellas County at 727-545-9935 or visit our website at


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