Stone Age

With all the natural stone out there to choose from; which should you choose for your home? Natural stone flooring evokes a timeless beauty to any home.  Natural stone is a strong and organic material that makes a superb material for flooring and countertops.

Granite is extremely durable and the hardest and most dense of the natural stones.  Granite is better than any other natural stone in resisting stains and scratching.  It is an ideal choice for heavy traffic areas like kitchens or foyers.

Marble is the most elegant of the natural stones.  It used to be that only the wealthy could have marble in their homes but now marble is much more main stream.  Marble is not as hard as granite but soft enough to use with tools and endures the test of time.  Marble is easily identifiable by its luxurious swirls and veining.

Slate is highly versatile and can be used both for an exterior and interior application.  Slate gives a very natural and rustic look to any room or décor and is made of clay and shale which great to use on the back porch or patio.

Travertine is soft and porous but always projects a look of sophistication and high style.  There are four basic finishes for travertine flooring tiles: polished, honed, brushed and tumbled. Polished travertine tiles are shiny because the stone is polished until it is flat and smooth enough to catch and reflect light. Honed travertine tiles have a matte finish, being polished just enough to create a flat, smooth surface. Brushed and tumbled travertine tiles are textured.  Tumbled travertine has a rougher, textured surface and often has rounded corners for an antique look.

Natural stone will bring elegance to any room and always increases the value of your home.  Using natural stone in your home is sure to add richness and panache to your decor. Talk to your ProSource Account Manager today to find out more about natural stone flooring and see the vast selection of natural stone ProSource of Pinellas County carries.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and hoped you enjoyed it.  If you’d like more information on laminates, hardwoods, bamboo, carpet, tile, natural stone, or any other types of flooring, please contact ProSource of Pinellas County at 727-545-9935 or visit our website at


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