Staying Neutral- Choosing the Switzerland of Carpets

Ready for some color and a fresh new look?  There is a world of color out there to choose from when redecorating your home.  Bold color choices in wall paint, furniture accessories and even flooring are the norm. But here’s an important tip: go bold with wall color and furniture but keep your floors neutral.  Whether you are choosing hardwood, bamboo, laminate, ceramic tile, natural stone or carpet stay like the Swiss and choose flooring with a more subdued color palette.

Neutral isn’t about beige anymore and it doesn’t mean boring at all.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you learn that neutral has grown into quite a selection.  Browns, grays, blues and even greens are now considered neutrals and can really showcase a beautifully brightly painted wall or a daringly colored couch.  Medium to dark browns are a perfect neutral where beige may have been.  Shades of gray or light blue can highlight a pretty blue room.  Sage green and other soft greens can also serve as a neutral to a home with green tones in walls and décor.

You can go beyond color in staying neutral in your flooring choice with patterns and textures to really improve the look of your home. Choosing your standard beige doesn’t mean uninteresting.  Carpets come in a variety of textures and patterns that can dress up any space.   Patterned carpet can do a better job of disguising dirt than a solid color and matching that pattern with the right color can improve the life of the carpet as well.  Hardwoods come in an endless variety of species and widths such as wide plank Brazilian cherry or distressed red oak.  Laminates and tile offer textures and design choices that are limitless.  You can really let your imagination go wild even while you are picking something neutral. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring!

With over 25,000 product samples to choose from, ProSource of Pinellas County will show you how exciting neutral can be.  ProSource of Pinellas County is the Trade Professional’s #1 Source for Wholesale Floors and Cabinets in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Largo area.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and hoped you enjoyed it.  If you’d like more information on laminates, hardwoods, bamboo, carpet, tile, natural stone, or any other types of flooring, countertops or kitchen and bath cabinets, please contact ProSource of Pinellas County at 727-545-9935 or visit our website at


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