When You Come to a Fork in the Flooring Road …

Decisions, decisions, decisions … what do I do?  What kind of flooring do I use in my living room and the hallway leading to it?  Do I use a nylon carpet or a polyester carpet?  Maybe I should get a laminate but, I really love hardwood floors!?!

Buying flooring today is not as easy as you think and you’ll hit that fork in the flooring road.  There are more products available in more color choices that will make your plate spin.  Take laminates for example.  It was invented in 1977, introduced into the European market in 1984 and the US market in 1994.  Compare it to red oak hardwoods, laminates are in their infancy.  Every year, the laminates improve, thanks to technology.

The flooring manufacturers have definitely benefited from modern technology.  This technology has kept the cost of flooring at an affordable level, more specifically in carpet production. For example, in 1967 the average value for carpet (not woven or tufted) was approximately $3.76 s/y or $0.42 s/f.  In 2009, the average value was $16.41 s/y or $1.82 s/f.  You might think that is a big increase.  Let’s just take another example.  In 1967, the average value for a Shelby Ford Mustang was approximately $4000.  The average value in 2009 is $68,988 (depending on where you live).  You can’t put a lid on this fact.  Flooring manufacturers are doing something right and you as a consumer are getting the benefits and value.

Value is what we have at ProSource of Pinellas County.   There several flooring products in the Showroom specifically marked  ValueSource.  ValueSource products are great products, at an extremely great value without compromise to quality and beauty.  ValueSource products is the right direction when you hit that fork in the flooring road.  For more information, please call ProSource of Pinellas County at 727-545-9935 or visit our website at www.prosourcefloors.com/pinellascounty.


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