Color Names of Carpet

As you shop for carpet, do me a favor.  Take notice of the color names.  You can really be BEDAZZLED. Who comes up with these color names?  It was once said that an carpet EXECUTIVE that likes to wear a GREY SUIT, sits in his office and does nothing but write down FABULOUS color name.  If you have purchased a carpet with an unusual name, please ENLIGHTEN us.

The Food group seems to be a popular choice for color names.  For Breakfast, you have several carpet color options.  Try a NEW PASTRY or a piece  of COFFEE CAKE with a VANILLA LATTE.  Some people like nuts like WALNUT,  DARK PECAN or TOASTED ALMOND or BROWN SUGAR and CINNAMON on their OATMEAL while drinking CRANBERRY juice or GREEN TEA.  Nothing beats CRACKER BARREL for CHOCOLATE chip pancakes with MAPLE SYRUP or a cheese QUICHE.    If you order a BISCUIT in England, it is not a morning item.  It is a BUTTER COOKIE.

Thinking of taking a JOURNEY?    Are you the adventurous type that has a lot of STRENGTH and AGILITY? You might then APPRECIATE  a trip on a JET  to TIBET or hike the APPALACHIAN.  If you get chilled from the SNOW CAP Mountains, you can leave for the warmer climates and swim in a TURQUOISE LAKE or sooth those aching muscles in a FABULOUS HOT SPRING while sipping wine from a WINE GLASS.   Since I like PHOTOGRAPHY, a visit to a NEW HARBOR in CAPE CODE or NANTUCKET would be nice in hopes of catching a SCHOONER sailing  by. Only the HOURGLASS SAND keeps time.  Ah, but I’m ONLY DREAMING.

How many of you like those old Western movies?  To get a Wagon Train moving, you’ll hear someone yell  WESTWARD HO and not an ancient INDIAN CHANT.  As the WAGON WHEEL turns on the GREAT PLAINS, you may catch a COTTON TAIL  ZIG-ZAG to get out of the way or a TUMBLEWEED skirt across the terrain.   Your SADDLE and LEATHER CHAPS are made of the finest BROWN LEATHER just east of the RIO GRANDE.  At the end of the movie, someone sings HAPPY TRAILS to you.

We hope you enjoyed this story. You don’t have to keep it a TOP SECRET. As a matter of fact, we’ll CELEBRATE the fact if you can ENLIGHTEN everyone from PEBBLE BEACH to the KEY WEST.   To see if, in fact, these carpet color names exist, DRIFT on over to ProSource of Pinellas County.  It would be JUST PEACHY keen if you do!  Maybe you’ll  get LUCKY and find a COPPER PENNY.

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